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Jan / Feb 'Oklahoma Today'

I'm lucky to be featured again on the cover of the January/February issue of 'Oklahoma Today'.  The issue also features a nice 10 page feature of photos that I took in the downtown area of 4 Oklahoma communities.

The January/February issue of 'Oklahoma Today' features a nice 10 page feature of photos that I took in the downtown area of 4 Oklahoma communities.  They sent me to Claremore, Newkirk, Sulphur, and Stockyards City to capture "Main Street Magic."  In addition to the cover, checkout pages 48-58 to find my contributions to the issue. January/February Oklahoma Today

It's finally here

I've finally got a copy of the November/December issue of 'Oklahoma Today'. Here's what to expect when you get yours: 1 cover photo(!), 8 feature/editorial content phtotos, and 2 ad phtotos.  Read on for more details.

OK, it's official.  My photos are featured very promintely in the November/December issue of 'Oklahoma Today.'  I'm incredibly excited to finally see the final result.  Everyone that I've met at 'Oklahoma Today' has been really friendly and enthusiastic about their work.  It's been a lot of fun to work with them.  Click on the image over there to go to the 'Oklahoma Today' website where you can order a copy.  Here are the things from me that you should look for:

Oklahoma Today
Location: Description:
The Cover(!) Boomer Theater sign on Campus Corner.
Contents (p 5) Campus Corner, taken from the top of Carson Engineering Building.
Contributors (p 8) A photo of me and a short bio.
The Editor's Letter (p 10) Campus Corner, taken from the top of Carson Engineering Building.
Feature Story "Prairie Modern" (p 58-59) Campus Corner, taken from the top of Carson Engineering Building.
Feature Story "Prairie Modern" (p 61) OU Campus, taken from the top of Sarkeys Energy Center.
Feature Story "Prairie Modern" (p 64-65) 'Autumn @ The Duck Pond'
Feature Story "Prairie Modern" (p 70) A street level shot looking North, toward the Boomer Theater, on Asp from Boyd Street.
Feature Essay "Stuck on Norman" (p 80) The 'Lonely Tree', out on Franklin street, North of town.
Norman Promo Ad (p 2-3) Main Street panorama, from the top of the Vista building.
Norman Promo Ad (p 3) Campus panorama, from the top of the stadium parking garage.

I owe a great big 'Thank You!' to Louisa, Steven, Steffie, Liz, Adam, Trina and Megan at 'Oklahoma Today' for extending me the opportunity and for offering their assistance/guidance in completing the project(s).  They've all been nothing but friendly and professional.  I've really enjoyed working with them, and can't wait to see it all on the page. 

Be sure to hit your local newsstand (confirmed @ B&N and Borders) on Nov 1 to get your issue!

'Oklahoma Today' Update

The November issue of 'Oklahoma Today' is shaping up to be a great bit of exposure for me.  Read on to learn all the details.

Things have been moving along nicely with 'Oklahoma Today.'  Here is the breakdown of items I should have in the November issue (as it stands now).

  • 2 images on pages 2/3 (inside front cover) as a part of an advertisement promoting Norman.  One of my images will be the bulk of the ad and cover most of the 2 page spread.
  • 2 of my image will be used as feature content within the issue.  Each of these images is slated to be at least 1 full page, and they are both in consideration to be pushed to double page size. 
  • I will be featured in the "Contributors" column.  There will be a picture of me as well as a short paragraph or two about me and my family/interest/hobies/etc...
  • I was sent on assignment earlier this week to try to create an image for the front cover of the magazine.  Other images generated as part of the assignment may be used inside the issue as feature content as well.

Unfortunately all of the images being used directly by 'Oklahoma Today' (cover and feature content, not the ad) are under an embargo, so I can't post them to show you which ones they will be.  You'll just have to keep an eye out for the issue once it becomes available. 

Here are the two images that will be a part of the Norman advertisement:

Main Street, Norman OK

The University Of Oklahoma


More info will be available here as things develop.  Check back soon.

Look for this photo in the Nov/Dec issue of 'Oklahoma Today'

More 'Oklahoma Today' News

I have a meeting scheduled with the editor of 'Oklahoma Today' on Monday afternoon.  They called me to request the meeting, and said that they'd like to discuss the use of "some" of my photos in their magazine.  I'm excited to see what they have in mind!  Check back soon for more details.