I've really approached photography as a hobby because I have enjoyed doing it.  By posting photos on flickr I've been lucky enough to have some professional opportunities fall in my lap that I would have never been able to seek out on my own.  So, here's my small bit of professional work, as well as my most recent contributions to flickr.  Be sure to visit the Galleries page if you're interested in obtaining any prints of my work.  Enjoy.


Professional Work

 Renault  Neogma/BBH

Early in 2008 I was contacted by the Brazilian marketing firm Neogama/BBH.  They were doing an ad for Renault to advertise a new fuel efficient vehicle and they wanted to use the idea of an "endless highway."  They had seen my picture "North Oval Wave" posted on flickr and thought that it would be a great start for one of their ads.  Here's my original version.

And here's the ad based from that image.

Producing the final image was really a team effort between me and their internal art department.  We ended up starting with my original equirectangular projection, which they modified by adding a road in place of the wall. Then I applied a stereographic projection to create a small planet type image, and then applied the Droste effect to that image to create the spiral.

I sent them several initial versions to choose from and they indicated what they liked about each version.  I tried to work with them to get what they felt was an ideal balance in the number of loops and the proportional size of each loop as they go in.  Once they had a spiral that they liked, they added the vehicle, framing, logo and text.

In addition to that ad, they wanted to do two other variations on the theme.  I consulted with them on choosing base images that would work, and they found stock photos that they wanted to use.  Again, they prepped them for me by adding the road,  I applied the spiral effect to the images, and then they added the rest.


Norman Chamber of Commerce

In spring of 2008 I was commissioned by Kyla McMoran at the Norman Chamber of Commerce to take a photo of a sunrise over the new hospital under construction in Norman, to be used as the cover of the Norman Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory.  Here's the image they used.